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Interesting Things You Should Know About The World’s Smartest Dog, The Border Collie


Interesting Things You Should Know About The World’s Smartest Dog, The Border Collie

Border Colly called TimmyPhoto by mik_p

Border Collies are loyal, trainable, smart dogs with an oversupply of energy, i.e. they won’t just sit on the couch.


These dogs need lots of space to run, so a big backyard (or even a farm) suits them best. These dogs are the ideal for those who like to spend their time outdoors. Bringing home your first collie is a great experience, but that also brings а lot of questions to answer for the dog owner, so we have made a list of important things about this dog breed.


Easily trainable and eager to please, they can sometimes be perfectionists when it comes to learning and executing new skills. You should always give them something to do and they will serve you until the day is done. Border Collies form a strong bond with their owners but can be standoffish with strangers. They will let you know really quickly if something or someone is approaching the house.

Border Collies have natural herding instincts that can sometimes come into play in the household. Small pets and young children may get “herded” from time-to-time. These dogs are tough, busy and sometimes high-strung with a determined drive and focus. People who like sports will love Border Collies because they are great competitors.



The Border Collie needs regular combing and brushing to keep their coat beautiful. Extra care is needed when the soft, dense undercoat is shedding. Bath or dry shampoo only when necessary. Check the coat and ears and regularly for ticks. The Border Collie is an average shedder.

History of the Breed         

The breed originates from the border area of Scotland and England, where their job was to protect and herd flocks of sheep. However, even before this dog breed was protecting sheep for their British master, ancestors of these beautiful dogs served the Vikings. The modern Border Collies can still be found working as a farm dogs or watching over livestock.

What are They Used for?

Their high level of intelligence makes these beautiful dogs suitable for more than just herding work. Border Collies are frequently used as narcotic and bomb-sniffing dogs. They are also easily trained to assist the blind as well as people with other impairments.


The Border collies have an average life expectancy between 12- 15 years. They are known for being a healthy breed. But owners must be careful to watch for a few common health problems including collie eye anomaly (a developmental defect that’s present at birth and can cause detachment of the retina), deafness, epilepsy and hip problems. As with many herders some Border Collies have a gene abnormality, making them very sensitive to some medications.

Interesting Facts

Border Collie named “Chaser” has proven the unequaled intelligence of the breed by understanding more than 1,000 words.

Border Collies can herd animals without people in attendance.

20100611-6Photo by mle86

They were originally colored black and the word “collie” has the same root as “coal”.

There is no such breed as the Miniature Collie. There is a breed that looks similar to Collies, but it is the Shetland Sheep dog, a completely different breed.


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1 Comment

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    March 22, 2017 at 2:01 am

    Yes, Border Collie is the smartest dog ever in the world!

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