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Instagram Star Biddy the Hedgehog Has Died


Instagram Star Biddy the Hedgehog Has Died


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According to the post, the 4-year-old hedgehog was suffering from many health problems, but cancer was the ultimate cause of death. His owners said that they were very thankful for all the time they spent with him before he went.

To know that Biddy’s photographs could bring happiness, laughter and possibly inspire others is breathtaking. Millions of Biddy’s fans have been sending their sympathies to his owners. No more will we see his tiny smile or his itty bitty paws waving in front of majestic scenery.


From his home state of Oregon, Biddy traveled to Washington, Montana, Wyoming, pausing to visit sights of wilderness as well as the occasional donut shop. When DeWeese and Unterseher started posting images of Biddy to Instagram, they thought it’d simply be cute and that maybe “we’d get, about 500 followers,” said DeWeese.

What happened next they never thought possible. Their pet quickly racked up thousands of followers. Then that number jumped into thousands, so Biddy had more than 600,000 Instagram followers.

For many animals, their owners create an Instagram account to show off pictures of their beloved pet.

“We did travel before, but now we feel like we have to every few days because everyone’s expecting an adventure,” according to the post. And based on the photos, their adventures were big and a ton of fun.


Unfortunately, Biddy became sick and died because of complications from what his owners believed was some form of cancer.

But his indelible spirit lives on in the many great places he traveled to. Take a short walk down memory lane with this lovable hedgehog. Biddy’s time may have been short, but it looks like it certainly was a sweet life. He may have lived fast and died young, but Biddy lived a full life, and his Instagram account remains as proof.

Biddy’s owner wrote, “This is a very difficult to say and it breaks our hearts. Our spiky little guy passed away. Biddy finally seemed better, and then he quickly took a turn for the worst. We want to thank all of you for following Biddy. It’s truly amazing to see people from all over the world sharing and commenting on Biddy’s pictures. To know that his photos could bring happiness, laughter and possibly inspire others is breathtaking. We couldn’t have asked for a better hedgehog. He was a big part of our family and he will be greatly missed.”


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Biddy may be gone, but he will be in our hearts forever.





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