An Incredible “Alien” Under The Large Ocean

An Incredible “Alien” Under The Large Ocean

Many people in the world are wondering if there are aliens anywhere in the universe. We have many questions about aliens.

Yellow feather star, Fiji

Photo by Derek Keats

Do they really exist in our life? Or where are they from? And we wanted to know the answers, in the search of the aliens, people started exploring the universe, galaxies, planets etc. the places that are light years away from earth. But if you want to see the aliens, then start from your own home.

Under the large oceans there are thousands of species live, look like an alien. Many are discovered but, some are still undiscovered. Scientists are still facing the new discoveries of mysterious species.

One of that amazing alien species is feather Starfish. Look like a common name, but in reality it is shocking, if you see that fish. The video of the Feather Starfish was captured by a diver, in Thailand. It is more strange and beautiful, than you imagine. The name of the species is Crinoid that makes up the class Crinoidea of the echinoderms. The name was derived from a greek word ‘Krinon’ which means “lily”, and ‘edios’ which means “form”. They live both in shallow water and in depths up to 9000 meters too.

There are about 600 living species of these marine invertebrates, all have the basic five sided symmetrical features. They date back to the Ordovician period between 485.4 and 443.8 million years ago. Seriously, they are too old species.

This could be recognized by the fossils but until the discovery of living ones, they were assumed extinct. Crinoids (feather star) have thr same interior system as the other echinoderms. But, unlike the other echinoderms, crinoids fasten their beautiful selves to the sea floor by way of their handy-dandy stalk. Those who can keep their stalk are called sea lilies. The rest, who lose their stalks are known as feather stars.

The incredibly feathery accouterments make the crinoids different from their relatives. They use their tin y tube feet along with their frilly arms, used to capture suspended particles of planktons and other treats from water. They are like flowers, get life again in the water.

Seeing them swimming is an amazing experience. Many of us are not divers, neither they are planning to go to Thailand. But they can also enjoy the amazing experience of these beautiful creatures walking on the sea bed or swimming, as there are plenty of videos available on internet. There are many unseeing, unspoken and unsolved mysteries in this world, on the huge landmass of the planet, or under the deep sea. Some are too big; on the other hand some are too small to be seen by the naked eyes. They are even floating in the air or else maybe near you.

Video by: the1hvw8

Wherever they are hidden, scientists are trying to discover them, and yes they are successfully discovering them. This is really a beautiful world; we are sharing with the millions of creatures. This is Amazing, isn’t it?