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A Huge Snake Was Found In Komatipoort Spar


A Huge Snake Was Found In Komatipoort Spar

Image by Twitter

Once the story went viral, it received a lot of outrage from the media. The one comment that seemed to appear frequently was on one of the basic general facts known about snakes and their habitats: they can be found anywhere in the world with the exceptions of a few places and the one common thing about these places is that they are cold (such as the fridge in our case) with the example of Antarctica.


Despite the seriousness of the matter and the barbarism witnessed in the scene, there were some who made humor about it such as the weather having been too hot outside for the snake, while others saw it as signs of the end of the world!

So then the elephant in the room: how then would one explain a cold-blooded animal crawling its way into a refrigerator and staying there?

This main question gave leads such as the management being responsible and using this scene as a publicity stunt and also that the then helpless snake had belonged to one of the managers. Well, if indeed it was a publicity stunt, then maybe the goal was achieved. How? You wonder? Well quite contrary to the conventional receptivity upon the sight of such a creature, the public were attracted the scene by the nearly 4-meter snake, to witness for themselves.

However, the truth of the claims is yet to be established as well as the reclamations on whether it might have belonged to one of the managers, as we see them freeing the creature and handing it over to the nearby Kruger National Park, where it would stay under apprehensive monitoring.


This case scenario presents us with many questions left unanswered such as the fact that the management is aware of snakes breeding nearby the supermarket bushes but the matter remains unattended to. Could it be that the management lacks the capital to get rid of the bushes where the snakes breed or is another circumstance of ignorance presented? The safety of the daily locals who depend on this particular supermarket is also called to question despite the claims of the snake being a publicity stunt for the business to market itself for a larger customer influx.

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