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Huff the “Vampire” Hedgehog Becomes Instagram Star


Huff the “Vampire” Hedgehog Becomes Instagram Star


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Huff is a sweet little hedgehog in Utah that has a couple of fierce looking vampire fangs that protrude from the front of his cute little mouth. Unlike vampires, Huff enjoys all sorts of food and activities.

Huff’s owner, Carolyn Parker, told BuzzFeed that she rescued him as his original caretakers no longer wanted him and returned to Quill Berry Hedgehogs in Fruit Heights, Utah. However, Parker fell in love with Huff and took him home and quickly realized his adorability quotient.


The cute hedgehog became famous through Instagram when Carolyn created an account which displays his cute little fangs and everyday shenanigans. It has reached over 15 000 followers. Pretty impressive!

His owner said that a lot of people in Utah suffer from seasonal depression, including herself. So, the owner started the account because she wanted to share images that made her happy with other people. Huff comes off as being grumpy and “huffy” but is really cuddly and lovable inside. She thinks that’s why there is such a large fan base for hedgehogs…because a lot of people can relate.

After tons of encouragement from her friends and family, Parker eventually decided to share her pictures with a broader audience via Instagram. Huff’s account now has over 15,000 followers. Although she’s not a professional photographer, Parker says she daydreams of animal photography simply because she loves taking pictures of Huff.

Apparently, everyone loves the pictures of Huff because they quickly went viral. Parker is just happy that other people get to experience the quirky animal. Because hedgehogs are nocturnal, Huff’s photo shoots often take place at night. “When Huff is awake he has the cutest expressions, and I just can’t resist sharing them. It’s fun to know that other people now find Huff as cute and engaging as I do”, says Parker.


She also said that his favorite snacks include meal worms, crickets and cat food. When he’s not in front of the camera, Huff enjoys road trips, cuddling in old t-shirts, running on his wheel and his most favorite hobby is… sleeping.



Carolyn said that she created the account because people suffer from seasonal depression, so she wanted to share something that made her happy with other people. Well, thank you, Carolyn, this cute hedgehog definitely puts a smile on our face.



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