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Hope For Paws Gave A Hope To The Homeless Bulldog


Hope For Paws Gave A Hope To The Homeless Bulldog

Image by :hope for paws/Facebook


One day the organization of Hope for Paws received a call. There was a dog living in the bushes near the freeway and needed help urgently. The team of rescue made a thorough investigation and found the helpless dog among the bushes.

He was trying to hide from everybody deep in the thick bushes and didn’t want to come close to the rescuers. The dog was very sad and thought those people wanted to harm him. First, they decided to approach him and tried to feed, so that the dog would not be afraid of them. But at first he didn’t accept the food from their hands. Yes, he was really scared and the loneliness taught him not to trust everybody. But the rescue group didn’t hurry. They waited until the dog got used to them and made some steps towards them. After giving him some food the dog calmed down and became a little bit closer towards the rescue group.

The dog was a Bulldog. He was scared and homeless. There was also a video that you could watch and see how frightened eyes that dog had. Finally the rescuers could attach the collar to the dog’s neck and took him off from that lonely place. The rescuers named the bulldog Tarzan. Tarzan refused to walk with them, as he was very confused and tired because of his homeless situation. So, the rescuers carried him through the rough way and brought him home by their car.

The rescue group saved the bulldog from loneliness and he was so grateful. He was saved and started to smile at people who were cuddling with him. Everybody loved Tarzan and he felt so protected in that warm atmosphere. He regained his energy from those kind hearted people and felt amazingly well accompanied by them.


The group did everything to help Tarzan get well soon. He was neutered and once he was already healthy, he went to foster to Road Dogs & Rescue. The organization of Hope for Paws really brought a hope for that poor animal. The whole group was very excited for the positive results and that they gave a second chance to that poor creature to live and enjoy.

 Anybody who is a dog lover and is ready to take care of this wonderful dog can adopt him by contacting to the Rescue Organization.  This dog is really amazing and has very good characteristics. You can hardly see him barking. Tarzan is always ready to play with humans and make them very happy. Tarzan is very friendly towards other dogs, as well. He plays with them all day long and enjoys his time when accompanied by humans and dogs. He likes running and feels very energetic.

Video by:Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

Once he was lonely and homeless, he was reluctant to do anything but now he is already joyful and his eyes are shining due to the love he got from the helpers. He is a very grateful bulldog that is ready to give back all your warmness and love back.



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