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Great news! Giant Panda Is No Longer Endangered Species


Great news! Giant Panda Is No Longer Endangered Species

PandaPhoto by George Lu

Giant Panda is the typical animal from China, where they are identical with the animal that has dense in their white fur with some black circle patterns on their body. Giant Panda is an endangered species in China for a couple of years ago, where Panda was included in the list of 20,000 animals on earth that they are in red status in a list that issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


The Giant Panda lives in China, where they are liked to eat bamboo leaves in thebamboo forest which it has become a growing and breeding place of this animal population. Panda itself is also used as a logo of the World Wild Life Organization (WWF). When we are seeing Giant Panda, they are very cute and adorable, their body shaped just like a bear, but it has a pattern of black and white in their fur that did make this animal so loved by most animal lovers. Panda is an animal that really needs our attention, where their natural ecosystem placesare damaged by human actions such as the expansion of modern civilization development. IUCN provides the red status in 2003 when they discovered the number of Giant Panda habitats, there are only 1,600 Giant Pandas in China.

In 2014, the IUCN clarified that the number of pandas in the natural habitat in China rose up to 1,864 Giant Pandas. It was shown an increasingof the number of Giant Pandas in 17%. A statistic number to be grateful and should give a big applause to the various parties that involved. At least now Giant Panda species is not endangered anymore. Now, the number of Giant Pandahabitat makes the face of animal lovers are smiling widely. IUCN changes the status of Giant Panda habitat,from the red list to become vulnerable.

Giant Panda has gained a serious attention from animal lovers around the world, including from the Chinese government and its citizens where the natural ecosystems of the Giant Panda in bamboo forests now re-conservation and maintained with properly. The human activities that could damage the ecosystem of thebamboo forest werehave been reduced very well. Giant Panda now lives in their natural habitat with more comfort. Giant Panda habitat number, now increasing significantly, which it makes the animal lovers around the world were pleased.

They were very happy with what has been done by the Chinese government, the animallovers in China, citizens of China, and the Giant Panda lovers who are already involved in efforts to conserve panda habitat in China. China has now succeeded in making the progress of Giant Panda conservation efforts very well. Thanks to all parties, certainly to the parties that have been involved directly with these great efforts. The Giant Panda is much admired by humans because of their doings of thecute and adorable acting.


No wonder if the newestof Giant Panda status makes everyone happy and pleased. An achievement, that deserves to be given an award for all those parties who have worked hard to achieve all of this. Giant Panda is a God gift to us where we must keep it together well.


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