Gorilla Shot Dead Because Of Parental Negligence

Gorilla Shot Dead Because Of Parental Negligence

The death of a high-profile animal can be devastating. Such deaths occur due to lack of ability in human beings to coexist with other earthlings. Moreover, we people need a little to erupt our emotions which results in violence and blame game.


On May 28, 2016, at Cincinnati zoo a child fell down into the enclosure of a silverblack gorilla. Fearing for the boy’s life, a zoo worker shot and killed a 17-year-old male gorilla named Harambe. The incident was recorded on video which became viral.

The situations around the killing of giant gorilla are something like this; that some experts consider that these animals are extremely large, tremendously strong, and uncertain, and that the sole way to ensure boy’s safety was to kill Harambe. While others think that 17-year-old gorilla was not hurting the child and the killing of such endangered species was not the best option.

The day after the incident happened, the zoo published a statement on facebook explaining why they did not tranquilize the gorilla and decided to shot him. They explained that the gorilla disobeyed the command and the child’s life was in greater danger. They wrote that tranquilizing takes time and the dart could have made him violent.

Death of 17-year-gorilla caused outrage in the human society. People are not happy with scandalous behavior of the parents of the child. Critiques have started the campaign against the parents of the child which sparked more than 500,000 signatures on an online petition.

Both parents have faced criticism from social media users and animal rights campaigners, who holds the child’s parents accountable for the incident saying they were not keeping close eye on the child. Some even got more emotional and suggested that the parents of the child should have been shot in place of the gorilla. A Western lowland silverback gorilla is dead and an innocent child suffered but the question is why and who is responsible for this act?

Many of the media persons and experts says that this all happened because of parental negligence. During interviews in which parents of the child defended the zoo’s lethal response to the situation, a famous wildlife expert, Jeff Corwin, attacked her parenting. Corwin told fox news while criticizing the parents that ‘I don’t think this all happened in seconds, it took time for the child to be in the that situation’. Furthermore, he advised the parents to take a break from their cell phones, selfies, and texting and be responsible for their children. And gorilla has paid the price of their irresponsibility.

My take on this incident is if those “parents” had been more attentive and responsible for their son’s behavior and held on to him, the gorilla would be alive now and growing older. The abuse of animals in zoos is bad enough, but when humans act in ways to destroy the beauty of animals, we need to step up the penalties. That child’s safety was neglected, and the result was costly–they should be told to replace the gorilla, or donate thousands to the welfare of animals, especially endangered species.