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Fred Is A Rescue Dog, A True Animal Hero!


Fred Is A Rescue Dog, A True Animal Hero!


Image source: YouTube/The Orphan Pet

When you start to explain what is rescue you will get lost in it as rescue is something that comes from your inner world. Rescue can come in many forms but whatever form it has one thing is obvious – while rescuing somebody you earn your wings for heaven.

Both human and animals have the initiative to help. And no matter how hard it is, if you really want to help you can find many ways to overcome all the barriers.


Fred is a rescue dog, as well. Adopted three and a half years ago he lives with his young owners and helps them to feed all the cats in the neighborhood. Fred and his young owners take a walk three times per day and since the first day it has gone along with cats. Both for the couple and Fred this is not just a walk as they take it as a chance to feed the stray cats. Fred’s walk is always combined with feeding them and the cats also got used to Fred. When the couple is walking alone the cats don’t approach them but when they are with Fred all the cats in the neighborhood come along to get their food. This has become a daily routine for this dog.

As a member of the family Fred feels responsible for delivering food to these stray cats. In this way he has become a part of this charity helping his parents with their struggle of rescue. The young owners not only feed these cats but also neuter them and provide medical care. They have already neutered 99% of these kitties and don’t want to stop. Fred is their trusted friend and the best helper ever.

At first the neighbors were against these cats by threatening them or insulting the young couple, but they got used to these kitties gradually. The couple and Fred walk in a few blocks and most of them aren’t against them anymore. The neighbors have realized that kitties have been neutered and won’t cause any problem. Another important thing is that this couple feeds the kitties only with dry food. They never use leftovers. In this way they also try to maintain control in the neighborhood keeping it as clean as possible. So, both the neighbors and the young couple tolerate each other in every way possible.

Taking care of about 30 stray cats Fred is considered to be not only the couple’s best companion but also a member of a charity of cat rescue. This dog is a real hero as he is a food provider for cats. All the kitties see him as a friend and when he arrives they start to run meowing around him.


This is really unbelievable when you see it in your eyes. And you become sure that kindness will save this world when you share it with others. If your heart is filled with love you can spread your love everywhere and it doesn’t matter you’re human or animal.

Fred is the proof of these words as he is a true animal hero!



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