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What to Do If You Find A Newborn Kitten


What to Do If You Find A Newborn Kitten

Cute kittensPhoto by derrickbrutel

In general every person may come across a newborn kitten while being outside. It is difficult to express the first feeling by words when you see a kitten in a helpless situation. Sure, some people will ignore and continue their way, but if you decide to help him you should take into account some points and then go on.


First of all you should determine if a kitten is orphaned or just his mother has gone for food. In order not to frighten the little creature stand away so that you will check what is going on. Bear in mind that kittens’ best food is their mother’s milk, so before taking a kitten away you should be really assured that his mother has truly left him.

If you are sure that mom does not return, then you should take the kitten away immediately so that it can survive. But you should prepare for the bottle-feeding process. In general Animal shelters do not have feeders so they don’t take newborn kittens and you have to find some appropriate organizations to take this responsibility. Depending on the age of kittens you have to feed them differently.

When the kitten is 1-2 weeks old, then you should feed him every 1-2 hours with a commercial milk replacer formula. Remember not to give him cow’s milk as it won’t digest it. If your kitten is 3-4 weeks old, you can provide him kitten food with water 4-6 times per day. And if your little creature is 6-12 weeks old, give him dry kitten food instead of providing any formula. In this case you will need to repeat this process 4 times per day.

After bringing it to the house you should also keep him warm. Cover him in a towel leaving a small air hole so that he won’t suffocate. Never allow the kitten to be cold as this will be very dangerous for his life. You can put your finger in the kitten’s mouth and if it feels cold then it means that your little kitten must be warmed up. You should warm up the kitten very slowly by wrapping him in a soft blanket and keeping him close to your body.


Try to be very careful to your little kitten. Newborn kittens are fragile and even a tiny mistake can cause harm to him. You should also weigh your kitten once a week to be sure that he is getting perfect nutrition. If they are not gaining enough weight, then you should talk to his veterinarian immediately.

It is really hard to take care of a newborn kitten. You should devote yourself to his growing up and be very attentive and careful. You should not miss any time to feed him and follow the routine every day.

At first sight this really seems a tough work to handle, but whenever you see this hopeless and helpless animal in the street you forget about any difficulty and rush to help him.

KittenPhoto by Kenichi Nobusue

Kittens are fragile, just take care of them gently and remember that they are all kind and need our attention and love to survive.

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