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Extremely Rare Black Baby Rhino Born in Iowa!


Extremely Rare Black Baby Rhino Born in Iowa!

baby black rhino is wide eyedPhoto by Jo Naylor

An incredibly rare black baby rhino was born in the zoo in Iowa, Des Moines. Her mother is Ayana, a 6-year-old eastern black rhino of the zoo which is 2805 pounds.


The little creature hasn’t yet been named. This animal species is endangered and according to the zoo’s CEO Mark Vukovich, this is really an amazing event for everybody.

The tiny baby rhino has begun to move her legs step by step, as she always slips because of the floor she hasn’t got used to. The mother is also very careful to her every action and keeps a watchful eye on her newborn every moment. The little baby is full of energy and is very happy with her mom.

A zoo spokesman said that the baby rhino weighed up to 80 pounds at birth. It was also 21 inches tall at front shoulders, 9 inches wide and 35 inches long. She is very healthy now and has many positive features. She is one of seven rhinos born in zoos throughout this year in the whole world. Sure, because of poaching this species are endangered and their number is reduced year by year. 

But the captive zoo population makes great efforts for the survival of this species. The international Rhino Foundation is also aimed at preventing the future of this species. They believe that this newborn rhino will bring everybody’s attention to this critical situation by raising awareness among people.


The population of wild black rhinos decreased by 96 percent and this is really awful. People kill them for their horns. Black market is full of their horns which are sold and bought there. These horns are used for ornamental and medical purposes. Especially Vietnam deals with selling rhino horns and it is considered to be the largest market of such things. People buy these horns thinking they will do therapeutic procedures.  Nowadays there are fewer than 1000 rhinos in the world.

In general the black rhinoceros has two large horns and weighs up to 3000 pounds. Rhinoceros family members are characterized by a thick skin which very protective for them and is 1.5-5 cm thick. The black rhino is smaller than the white one. They feed on plants and some species even lack teeth at the front of their mouths. Such species swallow food by the help of their lips.

This newborn rhino really made animal lovers very happy. It is very adorable, and when this happened happy tears were shed worldwide. The fact that she was born healthy made people even happier. Though the name hasn’t been announced yet, the zoo officials ensure that they will hold a fundraising opportunity for the chance to name the tiny and adorable rhino. According to the zoo people will not have the nice opportunity nowadays to view the little creature.

Video: EisseCatherine Rheyr

They want to leave the baby and the mother alone for some time and not to disturb them. They will bond each other through this time and only after this they will be available to view.

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