Everything You Should Know About Keeping Newt Pet

Red Spotted Newts on the Wild Oak Trail

On Sunday, Adam and I decided to hike/geocache along a section of the Wild Oak Trail in George Washington National Forest. The trail is a 25.6 mile loop , but we only did a three mile section of the trail. We’d had heavy thunderstorms the night before, and the trail was really slippery and muddy. I also need new hiking boots – the tread on my current ones has worn out after carrying me over many trails. So, we decided to keep the hike short.

While walking along the North River, the ground was crawling with these red spotted newts. We really had to watch where we were stepping to avoid crushing them. Kind of odd… I’ve never seen so many at once.

I can’t look at these without thinking of Monty Python — “She turned me into a newt… I got better.”