Everything You Must Know About Dogs

Samoyed Dogs

Two Samoyed dogs posing for a photo. These are my friends Samoyeds and they are great dogs. They are friendly, caring and have a lot of energy. They love to pull on the leashes because of their history of pulling sleds and when they aren’t walked enough they will dig holes in the backyard. Samoyeds love to play and are known as Smiley dogs.

These two Samoyeds also love to nudge people and other animals because of their reindeer herding ancestry. They are very good with children and have been known to nudge small children while they are walking to turn them and change the direction they are walking.

The above Samoyeds are brothers and love playing together, especially in the snow.


Samoyeds are one of the oldest dogs and are related to the Huskies. Visit the following link for more information on Samoyeds: