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Are Dragons Real? 10 Real Dragon Animals You Won’t Believe Exist!


Are Dragons Real? 10 Real Dragon Animals You Won’t Believe Exist!

Sometimes you come across such creatures that you think they are not real at all. They seem so extraordinary that you think they are from legends or underworld. Dragons have also long been thought of as mythical animals but now you’ll see that some of them still exist.  They are so magical, terrifying but beautiful at the same time. Here 10 real dragons are listed out. Go on reading and see how interesting creatures they are.

1. Bearded Dragon (Pgona sp.)

Puff The Bearded DragonPhoto by Korona Lacasse

The habitat of this Pogona species is the central Australia. These creatures are favorite ones for pet owners. Bearded dragons change their color throughout the day. In the morning they are dark but they get lighter at the end of the day. By absorbing het from this color change they stay warm at cold nights. When they are aggressive or stressed their beard also changes its color, turning into black. These dragons have interesting behaviors such as “arm waving”.  When they are alarmed you can see them lifting a front leg in the air and “waving” it.


Bearded dragons eat both plant and animal food. So, they are omnivorous. They are also very intelligent. It is found out that the lizards can imitate a dragon for completing a task.

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