This Is The Cutest Animal Couple: Mother Cat And A Baby Hedgehog

This Is The Cutest Animal Couple: Mother Cat And A Baby Hedgehog



The world is filled with very strange families that really amaze. In the Central Russia there is one strange family of a cat named Sonia, she has one kitten and she is so generous and has decided to adopt four baby hedgehogs whose gestation period is four weeks.

The baby hedgehogs at birth are born naked and blind and have soft hair which eventually turns into spikes eighteen day after being born. The rate at which they grow is very quick upon good care and nursing. Sonia takes care of her babies without being afraid of the seven thousand spikes on the back of the hedgehogs which will always lay flat on unless threatened. The better part of it all is that the recommended diet of baby hedgehogs is teen cat food which is readily available to Sonia. This is different from the ones that live in the wild because those ones eat; insects, snails, frogs, earthworms and slugs.

They also eat rats, mice and even snakes. Above all there are people welcomes them in their yards and are sometimes referred to as gardeners best friend, though many times are threatened by constant milk and bread left outside since their digestive system cannot handle bread thus difficult to be digested and unfortunately this may lead to their death and cow’s milk is a breading site for germs that could make them sick.

Luckily for Sonia, spends most of her time taking good care of them and nurturing them with her very own natural milk. We can ask ourselves that, will this family stick together in the future since hedgehogs are not indoor creatures unlike Sonia and her kitten.

Another person may also ask, how Sonia’s adopted kids are going to restrain themselves from using their spikes, when we all know that there is no animal on the surface of the Earth that is as playful as a kitten. It is common knowledge that during the kitten playful time, it may provoke the hedgehogs and this may lead to them using their spikes. At this point it’s open that Sonia and her family cannot hold up together for a very long time. Despite this, she takes good care of them same way she does her kitten.

Hedgehogs cannot hold back even at a slight provocation. This means that , she has them only for some time and then the time to let them go will soon come but considering the tender care and protection they received from Sonia ,could make them maybe take it easy on her and her kitten in case they are provoked during playing time. All in all Sonia is one cat that has one of the biggest hearts among animals because she decides to take in strangers to her home and share her kittens’ love with them.

Video by: Bazinga Videos

What a cute thing to happen. Good luck to Sonia and her babies and may God keep them together!



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