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Crazed Pokémon Fan Turns His Dog into Pikachu


Crazed Pokémon Fan Turns His Dog into Pikachu

Prince CharmingPhoto by AtomicMonster

As the Pokémon craze continues to take the world by storm, some fans are taking their obsession to the next level. A video that was posted on Facebook on July 24, shows a dog whose fur was dyed to make it look like the popular character, Pikachu.


It has since gone viral and has amassed over three and a half million views, with most viewers harshly criticizing the owner for animal cruelty. Pokémon go is free-to-play game that uses location-based augmented reality game and is played using a smart phone that is supported by iOS or Android.

The game quickly became a global phenomenon with over 500 million downloads worldwide. The owner of the poor dog dyed his entire body a bright yellow with black stripes on his back, and even added red blush on his cheeks to make him resemble the famous game character Pikachu.

The 20-second video posted on Facebook, and soon shared across numerous other sites, shows the small dog walking in circles at its owner’s feet, before the owner points two fingers at the animal in the form of a gun and makes a shooting noise with his mouth. The dog reacts by turning over on his back, as if he was dead. Thousands of furious animal lovers went on-line to voice their disgust over the video and possible act of animal cruelty.

One commenter points out that dogs are not play things like dolls or toys, and they should definitely not be used as an accessory. Others have said that, whether the dye that was used to color the canine was poisonous or not, it was cruel and not funny at all. Many claim that the experience will leave the dog stressed and possibly scarred over the experience. Even Pokémon Go fans were outraged over the video. One fan said that unlike the game, this is stupidest and cruelest thing he has seen and tells the owner that he should learn how treat animals with respect.


I love the game, but what this guy did to his poor dog is just plain moronic, exclaimed another fan.Some have even called for the owner of the dog to be arrested and charged for animal cruelty. It should be noted that there is no dye that is specifically made for dogs and hair dye is intended for human hair only, and using this chemical can have adverse effects on the poor animal.

The chemicals in dye, such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide can irritate the dog’s skin, which is more sensitive to these chemicals. And unlike people, who only color the hair on a small portions of their bodies, owners often color their dog’s entire body, creating the potential for the harmful chemicals to get into the canine’s eye’s, mouth and ears.


Although, it is not known how long the animal was left to look like this, or if the incident had any detrimental effect on the dog’s mental or physical health, it is a cruel reminder of how some people treat their pets as objects to do what they please with.



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