A Naughty Pensioner Cat – Corduroy

A Naughty Pensioner Cat – Corduroy


Nowadays a lot of people own cats. A cat is a cut creature that wakes you up every morning. Each owner adores his cat and wants to live with him forever. However, averagely a cat can live for 15 years. But today you will know about a cat that is living for 26 years and he holds the Guinness World Records title for the world’s oldest living cat. 

Corduroy is the naughty pensioner cat that is living for 26 years and he refuses to act his age. He still looks very cute as he did before. Corduroy was adopted by his owner Reed Okura. When Reed Okura was only 7 years old, she adopted Corduroy from a shelter in Oregon.

Anyway, we all know that older cats are much more likely to develop some diseases, and for this reason old cats lose their normal strength. But Corduroy is different from other cats. Though he is 26 years old, he is still going strong because of a special low-protein diet which is protecting his kidneys. Reed Okura told that she strongly believes that the key to his (Corduroy) longevity is the fact she didn’t declaw him and allowed him to go outside.

She also added that he was able to defend himself and exercise his body and mind by hunting. Thankfully Reed told that Corduroy is still catching critters but not as good as he did before. So, we can realize that Corduroy is now a little weak but still he is in a remarkably good health. Reed also told that every night he (Corduroy) glides up their flight of stairs and jumps onto their bed and sleeps with them before waking them up every morning about 5am.

Reed didn’t spend much time in her life without Corduroy. Corduroy has a mellow personality and he loves cuddling and cat naps in the sun! However, Reed told that she had spent most of her life with Corduroy. She just can’t imagine a more joyful and enjoying life without Corduroy. She loves Corduroy and she wants to give him a happy and healthy life for many more years.

From Corduroy’s long life story we can realize that our cats can live many more years as Corduroy does.  For this we will need to take care of our cats. We should love them and provide all the conditions which are best for them.


In this case it can be said that perfect diet is very important for a cat. This is because the perfect diet will keep your cat healthy enhancing a long life for him. However, the oldest cat ever lived was 38 years old. Hopefully Corduroy still has many golden years ahead of him! He is definitely the cutest pensioner cat you could ever imagine!



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