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Charming Creatures With Magical Lights


Charming Creatures With Magical Lights

FireflyPhoto by blueskyfantasie

The earth is full of amazing creatures but every time we are amazed whenever we get to know about other species. Fireflies are among the creatures that make people be astonished. Actually they are beetles and are considered to be nocturnal members of the family Lampyridae. These insects are fond of warm environments. There are more than 2,000 species of fireflies.


An amazing feature that makes people to spend summer evenings in the seashore is their romantic blue light. They have light organs under their abdomens. Taking oxygen and using their special cells they mix it with a substance called luciferin to produce light. A very interesting conversation goes through these male and female insects when they produce this light. Males are the ones that flash very often to attract a mate and females sometimes respond them back. In general females don’t flash, but whenever they do it means they are speaking to males. This is a kind of talk which is so romantic and beautiful when you see these lights in real moving in trees at night.

There exists a type of firefly called Blue Ghost that always stays lit. But in general fireflies don’t stay lit. There can be two short flashes and then a long one will follow them. It’s very interesting to see these flashing lights across the sea. It is surely the most amazing view you will ever see as It is like a magic. This light of fireflies is 100% light with almost no heat.

Fireflies are found in moist and humid places. Living in every continent except Antarctica they adore wet areas where there are lakes, streams or rivers with a forest. Female fireflies deposit their eggs in the ground. There larvae feed on slugs and worms and develop to adulthood. Sometimes you can even see flash inside the egg where larvae develops.

The light of fireflies is also a defense mechanism for this species. Their fleshing warns the predators that they are not perfect food for them and they are not tasty at all. Their light means that they can be toxic and their beauty is only in their look not in their taste, which is bitter than ever.


Another interesting fact about these creatures is that the heat they produce doesn’t affect them. Sure, your hand will be burnt whenever you touch a light bulb. You may wonder why? It’s because their light is totally different from a common illumination we use in our everyday life. This light is called “cold light” and is harmless for fireflies. So, the production of such light is very effective for them.

Fireflies are charming creatures. These charismatic insects are really magical because they flash so beautifully and are admired all over the world. We still have a lot to learn about fireflies but their populations are under risk nowadays – they are blinking out.

Fireflies really need to survive and there should be ways to keep these bright lights shining and sparkling.



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