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Image by: Skifbull Channel Several wild animals, including lions and crocodiles, were left to be starved to death and were left to be mummified in the world’s worst ...
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The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales assisted in the release of one hundred thousand turtles in the River Itenez. This river is situated at the south of the ...
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Especially after the years preceding the Industrial Revolution, a significant number of animals have been extinct.  Since so many have been extinct, these are the most incredible and ...
Melanistic Barn Owl
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These dark creatures are not just animals from fairy tales, but real living animals. Just like albinism results of stunningly white animals melanism can create all-black animals that ...
Elephant Nature Park
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If we see two people don’t agree and argue a lot, we often tend to say that they ‘fight like cat and dog’. There is some truth in ...
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Photo by ionelpop Turtle are reptiles with a bony or leathery shell. We may think that we know all about these animals, but with their adaptations and variety ...