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Image by: Skifbull Channel Several wild animals, including lions and crocodiles, were left to be starved to death and were left to be mummified in the world’s worst ...
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Animal heroes come in all shapes, sizes and species. What you don’t picture are lions, gorillas and even whales throwing themselves in harm’s way to save some helpless ...
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If you have ever owned a dog, you would have gotten used to their one night stands, for some animals however, one night stands isn’t an ideal modus ...
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In the African jungle conservationist Tansy Aspinall along with her father Damian Aspinall, searches for Bimms and Djalta, two western lowland gorillas born at Howletts Wild Animal Park ...
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These dark creatures are not just animals from fairy tales, but real living animals. Just like albinism results of stunningly white animals melanism can create all-black animals that ...
This Monkey 🙈 found a homeless puppy living on the street and decided to Adopt him as his own! NB;    humans  can learn a thing or two from animals. LEARNING ;what a touching story!!This is real LOVE.
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A few weeks ago, a rhesus macaque monkey in Southern India adopted a baby dog and the pair is now inseparable. An unusual pair has become famous in ...
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There may be many more “extinct” animals waiting to be rediscovered than conservation biologists previously thought. Categorizing an animal species as extinct has rested upon two criteria: It ...
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The animal kingdom many times surprises us  invalidating everything we thought we knew about it. Interspecies adoptions happen relatively often in captivity, where new mothers often lack more ...
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Photo by Michael_Whitehead The slow loris population in Indonesia is in great danger of being extinct and the greatest threat to its survival is the illegal trade. Its ...
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There are many animal species on our planet. Mother Nature has been generous to some, like for cats being super cute and fluffy while others – like for ...