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Especially after the years preceding the Industrial Revolution, a significant number of animals have been extinct.  Since so many have been extinct, these are the most incredible and ...
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The death of a high-profile animal can be devastating. Such deaths occur due to lack of ability in human beings to coexist with other earthlings. Moreover, we people ...
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Animal heroes come in all shapes, sizes and species. What you don’t picture are lions, gorillas and even whales throwing themselves in harm’s way to save some helpless ...
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If you have ever owned a dog, you would have gotten used to their one night stands, for some animals however, one night stands isn’t an ideal modus ...
This Monkey 🙈 found a homeless puppy living on the street and decided to Adopt him as his own! NB;    humans  can learn a thing or two from animals. LEARNING ;what a touching story!!This is real LOVE.
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A few weeks ago, a rhesus macaque monkey in Southern India adopted a baby dog and the pair is now inseparable. An unusual pair has become famous in ...