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Lots of people from different parts of the world enjoy playing with Pokémon figures and monsters, amassing them to add to their collection, but most people do not ...
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Chances are, you’ve seen pictures or videos of little sea turtles, sea gulls, or other marine life with their heads stuck in plastic soda rings. It is truly ...
Melanistic Barn Owl
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These dark creatures are not just animals from fairy tales, but real living animals. Just like albinism results of stunningly white animals melanism can create all-black animals that ...
Golden Poison Frog
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There are many cute, cuddly animals on earth that appear like they would make the perfect pet. But if somehow provoked, these adorable creatures can turn from nice ...
Kiss me
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The largest amphibian in the world looks like a work of fiction: reportedly growing as long as a man and virtually unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. ...
Red Spotted Newts on the Wild Oak Trail
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Newts are really great pets. They don’t bite and they are clean. The only caution is not to handle them too much because this damages a sticky coating ...
Poodle Moth
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There are many animal species on our planet. Mother Nature has been generous to some, like for cats being super cute and fluffy while others – like for ...
Ambystoma maculatum
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They might seem so similar to lizards, but it should be noted that there are many differences between a salamander and a lizard; they don’t have scales, claws, ...
Gymnopis multiplicata
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Caecilians are resident to most warm-moist temperate climates of tropical regions in parts of Africa, Asia and America. They are wormlike amphibians that lack legs and are known ...
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Frogs are animals that don’t have a tail, and with a squat like body posture, with stretched and brawny hind legs adapted for hopping. They have a moist ...