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All the animals do share very remarkable and distinct characteristics. Sometimes though these characteristics turn out to be really fun. Here are some of these fun and exciting ...
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Who can deny that Pets make our lives better and happier. Here is why Pets are amazing companions and important in our lives. 1. People Living With Pet ...
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Especially after the years preceding the Industrial Revolution, a significant number of animals have been extinct.  Since so many have been extinct, these are the most incredible and ...
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There are many cute, cuddly animals on earth that appear like they would make the perfect pet. It will seem to you that they are the kindest and ...
Poodle Moth
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There are many animal species on our planet. Mother Nature has been generous to some, like for cats being super cute and fluffy while others – like for ...
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Even though we often think that our planet is already explored, but there is many more to be discovered. Very often some new unexplored creatures show up. These ...
Asian giant softshell turtle
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It is sad to look at these creatures knowing that they are the last survivors of their kind. We should  honor these last few survivors as, for many, ...
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Photo by JnK- Frogs are animals that don’t have a tail, and with a squat like body posture, with stretched and brawny hind legs adapted for hopping. They ...