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Your Cat Brings You A Trophy Gift? Find Out Why!


Your Cat Brings You A Trophy Gift? Find Out Why!

CatPhoto by kevin dooley

Cats are one of the beloved pets in the world. You share your happiness and sadness with your pet and he understands you totally just meowing under your feet. Yes, cats are such animals that can be very affectionate and you can’t help loving your fury friend.


But sometimes cats can have such behaviors that will make you get mad at them and you will totally end up screaming and shouting at your feline friend. Now you may ask, what can a cat do that will drive you crazy? Sure, there will be a reason, but don’t hurry and take into account each detail before shouting at him.

One day you will wake up and see your loveable cat has brought a dead mouse. Many cat owners face this situation and can’t get used to it as it is always disgusting for them. However, you should pull yourself together and control your nerves as your cat is not able to understand what the problem is.

Yes, he brought a dead animal, but how he could know that it would be a nasty surprise for you? It is a natural instinct for your cat and he thinks you will be very proud when you see their strong character. They think that it is natural to hunt or kill their prey, so your shouting will be a real stress for him.

Actually, the animals that are usually brought into your house are called trophies. Your fury friend feels himself proud of grasping the animal and he just wants to share his victory with his beloved owner. Showing off his great skills your cat enjoys this process and wishes you to understand this small gift.


Your cat will also probably think that your house is the safest place in the world, so that’s why he brings the dead carcass. Try to bear in mind that such hunts are included in their natural and everyday process that you cannot deny. Of course, you may feed him very well, but better feeding will never keep them far from their natural instincts.

But taking into considerations all these facts and accepting all these “presents” should be done very carefully. You should be very gentle to them but you should handle this process accurately. In general cats can hunt different animals and bring as trophies, so you can make some steps to avoid such things very often. First of all, you should keep your cat indoors.

This is the best way for your pet to avoid dangers and be safe. In this way he won’t hunt so much, as well. Then, you can attach a bell to the cat’s collar, so whenever he approaches to his prey they will run away. And at last, you should keep your cat well fed. This will not dull your cat’s hunting instincts, but it will at least minimize them.

Many ways can be discussed over there, but one thing you should remember is that the best way to handle such ”trophies” is to accept this process as a normal part of your cat’s behavior.

CatPhoto by wapiko☆

If you can’t change this habit the only thing that remains is to praise him and accept this fact patiently.


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