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Can Dogs Have Gluten Intolerance? Here’s What You Need To Know


Can Dogs Have Gluten Intolerance? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Basically, gluten is commonly found in wheat and in other cereal like grains, barley, oats, rye and also in buckwheat.  It is also an important source of protein with gliadin and gluetnin.


Gluten is basically digested by pancreatic enzymes. Both dogs and people cannot generally tolerate the gluten. Unfortunately, it also brings health problems in the body.

Gluten Intolerance occurs as an immune response in the human body and affects the dog body, as well. It will occur when the gluten is consumed in the body. A “villi” which is look like a tiny hair projection in the form of small intestine will absorb the nutrients from the food and become a great damage at a time of the immune response. While some dogs generally don’t suffer from the gluten intolerance, it is problematic for some of the dogs and causes a problem like gastro-intestinal which make the skin itchy and also causes ear infection. Many of the dogs literally end up and take medicines for years to control the reactions.

(GMO)Genetically modified grains are specially to be risky for the gluten intolerance. Many of the animal health experts say that the long term undetected food intolerance causes the degenerative diseases, as well.

Many dogs that suffer from the gluten sensitivity will also suffer from the inflammatory disease, if they take gluten in their eating. They will also lose much weight, lose body condition, get poor hair coat and fail to thrive. This symptom is found at the age of the seven to nine months of age, but allergies are unheard.


Dogs that are allergic to gluten get an allergic reaction after eating food that contains cereal grains.  The gluten intolerant dog’s immune system attacks its gastrointestinal tract, but this disorder hasn’t well studied yet. As a result of this, a dog suffers from weight loss and has poor body condition. So, the veterinarians will make a blood test and a urine test to treat a dog.

They will also check the condition of the dog whether it suffers from the parasites.  The veterinarians will also take the abdominal radiography (X-ray) and do a test for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Dogs that are very sensitive to gluten will be diagnosed and put on a diet for 4 weeks and their condition will be improved very soon. Once gluten is removed, the dog will soon gain weight and there will be no case of diarrhea. If the dog relapses, the diagnosis of gluten will be confirmed.

Sure, gluten intolerance will be treated. But during the treatment you should not give any food in which gluten is found. Wheat, rye, oats, barley, buckwheat and cereal grains should also be avoided for some time. Genetically modified grains should be excluded, as well. When the butterflies are get in contact of the genetically crops it will create a number of problems to health and there will occur some genetic mutations. Gluten intolerance is mostly found when a dog takes a food like genetically modifier’s grain.



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