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Brave Volunteers Refuse To Let 300 Homeless Dogs Starve And Freeze To Death


Brave Volunteers Refuse To Let 300 Homeless Dogs Starve And Freeze To Death

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In our daily life, thousands of animals are suffering around the world. They freeze to death on account of the harsh weather we usually encounter. Some of them may have been starved while another portion been buried under the snow leaves. And yes, a farmer might think of saving his family, sheeps and his own property instead of venturing around, discovering or let’s say rescuing what’s beneath the snowy lands.

However, people need to realize that animals do feel pain too. Although animals cannot express their feelings like humans, can they still do feel a lot of things. There exist people who enjoy taking care of animals. They even feel some sort of emotional connection with their domestic pets, treating them like rational creatures endowed with emotions.

Yet in Turkey, lies a group of 10 brave persons who have cooperatively compiled a warm gathering financially and emotionally to take the responsibility of rescuing 300 homeless dogs. To clarify, they have started to feed them, providing them with the medical care by a group of veterinarians, transporting them to temporary shelters beside starting educational courses to raise students awareness of animal rescue and welfare.

The dogs were living in their own feces, most of them don’t really have solid flooring so most have very long nails and when they’re living on wired crates you can imagine the type of things their feet are going through. Said the care provider, “It was kind of overwhelming. I didn’t know how bad it was until I actually started taking care of [the dogs]”. The group have decided to send the dogs to rescues across the country that are able to take in dozens of animals at once when they are healthy enough. How tragic is when dogs hide away from view, living a lifetime of fear, suffering, and prosecution.


Once spotted, people report them to the authorities, and they are caught, and culled instead of cleaning and adopting them to ensure a safe territory for them. Saving homeless dogs is committed to ending a national tragedy. This can only be done with with enough funds and a little bit courage for a nationwide sterilisation program. Again, we have to look around and realize that animals call out for help and we have to provide them with the necessary aid. It’s our responsibility to make everybody understand that the world should be the best place for animals to survive and have a happy life.

We should never ignore them, we should never be cruel to them, instead we all should give our warm attention. So shouldn’t we finally put our humaneness into practice and justify our right to rule the world? I guess we should, and that is our moral obligation.

Video by PAWsitive

Finally, every signle person should believe strongly in humans’ responsibility to protect those who are in need, and I claim that all humans have an ethical obligation to provide help to those who are so much dependent on us, to animals deprived of essential care and love.

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