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Why Some Bird Species Can Talk?


Why Some Bird Species Can Talk?

African Grey ParrotPhoto by Keith Allison

Birds that talk are always fun to have as pets, but some are better at talking and thinking than others, some bird species have a better memory and thus are able to memorize hundreds of words.


Most of these birds that we would soon discuss have a highly impressive memory and language skills. You should well note when choosing your bird that some can speak more clearly than others, and could even have their own unique personality just like us.

To teach your bird to speak you have to repeat the same word or phrase over and over, you can teach him to talk and learn to fetch items by name and by always engaging your bird in verbatim you can easily teach it to speak. Just like all pet birds, talking birds also require a spacious cage.

The Most renowned Talking Birds species are:

  1. African Gray parrot – The African gray parrot are about nine inches in length and have colored horn in their upper mandible with a beautiful maroon colored tail. They are one of the most efficient bird talkers alive today

They blossom with confidence when they are kept in engaging activities, which include playing with specially designed bird toys and playing with them. These parrots respond well to a positive environment and with patience and regular training, your African gray parrot can easily learn a new skill


  1. Yellow-Naped Amazon – These birds are better at mimicking sounds than nearly all other parrot species, but can’t be as original in their speeches and voice like a host of other parrots.

Yellow Naped Amazon parrots have an average weight of about 500g and measure up to 14 inches in length.  When choosing a cage for your bird, choose a cage that is about 5 feet high and 4 feet square. They are very intelligent and have a positively outgoing character about and are talented singers too. Also their beautiful feather patterns and color, makes the Yellow Naped Amazons a wonderful lifetime companion.

It is easy to teach them a variety of games and tricks – they love playing the gyms, and often swing around playful with their toys. Their food should consist of parrot pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. This parrot specie can live up to 60 years in captivity.

  1. Hill Mynah – These birds are hearty with a stout beak, medium-sized, sturdy and short-tailed with brawny legs. Their sounds and songs are raucous chatters made up of whistles, squeaks, and various imitated sounds.

They are a famous species in the avian pet trade and known to be bred in captivity. These birds cannot fly but only climb and hop so it’s important you house your bird in a large cage that is modified to meet its hopping needs, like various stands and perches.

Video credit:Kazi Ahmed

The mynah enjoys company a lot, so you would do your pet a lot of good if its cage is located in an environment full of activities in your home. They eat only fruits.


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