Big Fat “Dog” Wedding In Uttar Pradesh, 5000 Attend Strange Ceremony

Big Fat “Dog” Wedding In Uttar Pradesh, 5000 Attend Strange Ceremony

One in its own kind, a big fat dog wedding held at Pawara Village in Kaushambi, UP, on 11th March 2016, with ceremonies and tearful farewell, according to an article from Times of India.

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This cute dog couple was married in proper Hindu rituals in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh and the wedding was attended by even 5000 of people! Anything can happen in India, and one of the many proofs that exist for that statement is this cute yet slightly bizarre ceremony. The style of an Indian wedding ceremony is always lavish and cuts across the economical sections of the country. Now, apparently Indians do not even discriminate against dogs and even when it comes to marrying them off, Indians are very generous!

Marriage is the biggest institution worldwide, but it doesn’t apply only to humans, and it was evident when over 5000 people in India attended this “big fat” dog wedding. The dog bride, Shaguniya wore yellow clothes for the occasion whereas the dog groom, Shagun wore pink color clothes.

This wedding was celebrated with all Hindu rituals with Band, Baaja&Baraat. The guests were dancing to the music of band with full enthusiasm. The dog groom Shagun belongs to BasantTripathi, while dog bride Shaguniya hails from Jung Bahadur’s family. Even the reception took place with traditional Indian recipes for guests. Jung Bahadur gave a tearful farewell to Shaguniya who left with groom in a car as per report from Times of India.

The bride’s owner, Jung Bahadur, was quite emotional during the ceremony, and sad that although she is his dog, Shaguniya is like a daughter to him.

This is not the first time that a dog wedding is being celebrated with so much happiness in India. We keep on seeing reports about dog weddings from time-to-time. This video posted by the news agency ANI, shows some amusing ceremony, where thousands of people are seen dancing in happiness. 

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