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From Apples To Oatmeal And Spinach, Can Our Dogs Eat These Foods?


From Apples To Oatmeal And Spinach, Can Our Dogs Eat These Foods?

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Dogs, just like human require balanced diets to keep fit and healthy. Nutrition is vital for their bodies and all of their systems to function properly. Good nutrition will help them maintain healthy weights, reduce body fats, provide body with energy, provide good sleep and generally make them better.

You however, don’t have to hustle your way into the expensive places shopping joints looking for the expensive dog feeds when you have simple diets that are only thought to be best for human beings. Anyway, human food for a dog can be a challenge. A diet that’s high in fat, sugar, and fillers is bad for dogs and us, so what should we feed them? Luckily Pet Gear Lab has produced a super handy chart which you can download, print out and stick on your fridge. It lists all the common foods which you can freely feed your pup and those which you should feed moderately, or avoid altogether. It’s handy for kids or elderly parents to refer to when they feel like giving your pets tit bits. They are cheap in the market and easy to prepare. So, from apples to oatmeal and lobster, can our dogs eat these foods?


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Apples are super health treats for dogs because they contain calcium which helps to keep their bones and teeth stronger, thereby supporting the skeletal structure and function. The rest of the calcium in their bodies plays key roles in cell signaling, muscle contraction and nerve function. Besides, apples are full of vitamins K and C. But take into account, that the seeds of apples also contain cyanogenic glycoside, which is also called cyanide. This cyanide can hurt the stomach of your dog.


So, before giving an apple to your fury friend, try to remove all the seeds and the core. If your dog swallows one or two seeds, there isn’t a reason to get in panic as they won’t hurt your pup.

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