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Another Elephant Dies On Ringling’s Watch


Another Elephant Dies On Ringling’s Watch

Photo by Ringling Beats Animals

Acording to a press release, Mike – a 2-year-old Asian elephant dies on Monday at the circus’ center. He was the youngest elephant being held at Ringling Bros, Florida training facility. It happened because of the endotheliotropic herpesvirus.


In one of the statements Dr Ashley Settles, the director of veterinary care, said that Mike showed some symptoms on Saturday and he also ate and drank very well till Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately the illness developed actively and rapidly. When the vets noticed those symptoms they began the process of the treatment immediately, but on Monday everything was over as the elephant passed away.

This fatal disease is killing so many elephants and herpes is especially common to those elephants that are kept in captivity. All the animal lovers re against this facility and do everything to see it closed forever. Mike is already the fifth young elephant that died at Ringling Bros. During the circus training another 8-month-old elephant’s hind legs were shattered. A 3-year-old elephant drowned in a pond when he was trying to get rid of the trainer wielding a bullhok which is a weapon with sharp steel hook at the end. These cases are really brutal and the younf elephants are this facility’s victims.

This center is accused of keeping animals in the facility in chains and for using very painful instruments like electric prods or bullhoks which have been banned in many US cities. Ringling doesn’t stop its brutality and has still many plans. This facility has decided to expand their projects, which means that elephants will spend their days in chains and will be accepted as subjects. They will continue living under the threat of bullhoks and suffer from many diseases.

These poor elephants are always taken away from their mothers when they are still little and their fate is decided by the facility owners. They are always forced and subjected into a brutal training which includes so many unnatural positions. PETA Foundation counsel Rachel Mathews is very sorry about Mike’s death and many other young elephants that have died because of Ringling’s Bros.


Mike’s recent death confirmed the fact that all the conditions of that facility are stressful and fatal and as a result the poor animals die. She also added that these deaths don’t change anything for this facility and they continue their brutal work. They go on breeding more and more new captive baby elephants to force them live in chains and do whatever they will order.

Mike’s death is a real tragedy and we should do everything to prevent and rescue these elephants from such circuses. Don’t ignore such cases, because Ringling keeps breeding these animals. Do your best to make Ringling end these brutal plans and set free all the poor animals.

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If we ignore these cases many more little elephants will pass away and like Mike they will all suffer and die in captivity. We are the one to save them from bullhoks and stressful life!



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