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Animal Fun Facts


Animal Fun Facts

All the animals do share very remarkable and distinct characteristics. Sometimes though these characteristics turn out to be really fun. Here are some of these fun and exciting facts that you should know about some animals.

  • Dogs

DogPhoto by liverpoolhls

One of the rulers of the Mongol Empire, Kublai Khan, had owned 5000 Mastiffs, which was the highest number of dogs being held as pets that was ever recorded in the world. The dogs were used for hunting and for assisting in war. In addition, the dogs’ nose is more than just a tracker of smell. Through smelling chemicals in the air, dogs can literally smell your different emotions, making them automatically aware when humans try to fake a smile or pretend to be friendly. Furthermore, a dog can smell the diseases of their owners. Apart from this, dogs can also smell their owners’ hunger and thirst. Their nose is also a tracker for other things.


Although people have fingerprints to make them distinct from each other, dogs have almost an identical pattern on their nose, which is commonly used as a way to identify their puppies quickly.

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