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All You Should Know About King Of The Sky, An Eagle


All You Should Know About King Of The Sky, An Eagle

Bald EaglePhoto by Pen Waggener

These stunning birds are the dominant predators in sky. The eagle is used as a symbol in many national flags worldwide because it is believed to resemble good fortune and power. These large, powerful birds have excellent vision that allows them to spot small prey at a distance and display a characteristic curved tip to their beak.


Where Do They Live?

Eagles are most commonly found in Asia, North America, African continent and the Northern Hemisphere including Europe.

Physical Appearance

The size of an eagle depends on its species. Eagles can range in size from 35 cm to more than 1m in height. The wing span of this bird tends to be at least 2 times bigger than the length of its body. These birds have feathers on the ends of their wings which allow them to move up and down when flying. The smallest of all eagle species is the Spilornis klossi or South Nicobar Serpent Eagle which is only 500 g (1 lb) and 35 cm (16 in). The largest eagle in the world is Steller’s sea eagle that weighs between 14 to 20 pounds and has a wingspan of up to 8 feet.


Eagles have pointed and very sharp beaks allowing them to grab their prey with. These birds use the sharp beak to bite animals at the base of their skull in order to kill them before swallowing them in one peace. Most female eagles are larger than males. The female’s height ranges from 30 to 38 inches with a wingspan of 80 to 89 inches. The males are between 30 to 35 inches tall with a wingspan of 73 to 86 inches.


Eagles are ruthless and most dominant predators in the sky, so they have almost none of natural predators themselves. They have adapted well to their dominant predatory lifestyle. Not only do eagles have pointed beaks and agile feet known as talons, but their exceptional eyesight allows them to soar very quickly through the air for such a massive bird. Their talons are so powerful that they are able to carry prey in their feet, and the beak of the eagle is perfectly designed for ripping flesh away from bone.


Female eagles build their nests on high cliffs or in tall tree tops where they are at their safest. The mother eagle lays 2 eggs, which hatch after about 1 month. In many eagle species, however, one of the eagle babies is naturally a little bit stronger than the other, with the stronger one generally killing its weaker sibling.

Fun Facts

  • The feet of an eagle have 4 strong toes, and at the end of these toes are large, curved claws which enable the eagle to hook onto its prey.
  • The eagle’s beak is made out of keratin and therefore is growing constantly, much like the hair and fingernails of a human being.

EaglePhoto by Asim Bijarani

  • Most eagle species are kleptoparasites, which is to say they habitually steal prey from other species.
  • Both eagles in a pair will build their nest together, but it’s the female that picks the tree.

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