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Adorable Sloth Rescued From Busy Highway


Adorable Sloth Rescued From Busy Highway

Crossing a busy highway isn’t easy even if you can move quickly. When this cute little sloth tried to cross a busy highway the inevitable happened; it got stuck. The sloth was found on a highway in Quevedo, central Ecuador, after a failed attempt to cross the highway.  

The transit police in Ecuador last week noticed this sloth trying to cross Quevedo’s recently opened highway, so a police officer Aguayo stopped his car to check out the “osoperezoso”, as they are known in the area.

What he found was an undeniably adorable sloth with a happy resting face stuck between lanes of traffic with no escape. The sloth made it part of the way across the highway before stopping its mission and clinging to a guardrail.


Luckily this cute sloth wasn’t injured – though most likely frightened (which might explain the wet spot). The officer was able to rescue the slot, and it was taken to a vet who determined it to be OK, before it was returned to its habitat.

Following this incident, the executive director of the Ecuador Transit Commission (a.k.a. Comisión de Tránsitodel Ecuador), gave an order that all animals found on highways and streets have to be immediately saved.

This story spread like wildfire online about this highway sloth rescue, and the Ecuador Transit Commission posted the message that they are grateful to for worldwide concern. The sloth saved by their units, was examined by a veterinarian who told that the animal was in a good health condition and can be returned to its habitat. They are grateful to all who were interested in the health of this sloth. And they will continue to support this kind of cases along with the collaboration of citizenship.

Sloths have really low metabolic rate, which means they move at a sluggish pace, covering on average just 40 yards daily (less than 1/2 the length of a football field).


They are the world’s slowest mammals, so sedentary that alga grows on their furry coat. They go nowhere fast, and that often works out just fine for sloths that spend most of their time high in the trees. But when trying to cross a busy highway full of life-threatening vehicles, it’s clear that slothfulness can be a hindrance.

As we’ve seen before, sloths have a very hard time crossing the highway on their own and often need human help to reach their destinations. That’s why we were so happy when police in Ecuador found a sloth on the side of the road in need of their help. The sloth had tried to cross the busy highway by itself but soon realized how difficult that was. Instead, it climbed onto a traffic pole and waited until help arrived in the form of a kind-hearted police officer.

Slots are best equipped to live their lazy lives in the treetops of tropical forests, but as people extend their reach into the forests, incidents like this are becoming more and more common. Luckily this sloth ended up safe and sound, and back where it belongs—in its habitat.       



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