Abandoned Horses And Devoted Volunteers

Abandoned Horses And Devoted Volunteers

Image by: Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis

3 horses were left alone by their owners in August. They went on holiday without even thinking about the water and food to provide horses beforehand.


The horses were abandoned and there was nobody to help them. Fortunately, the volunteers from the French foundation, called 30 Millions d’Amis, and other organizations of animal rights arrived to help them. But how did they know about it? Luckily, the passers-by noticed the awful state of horses and called them to come and take care of them.

The 16 of August was a very important day for horses as it was the end of their terrible state. At first, when the volunteers arrived, they couldn’t reach to the poor animals as they were imprisoned in the slaughterhouse. Then they decided to climb over the bushes to reach them at last. Unfortunately, one of them had already died of exhaustion. According to the foundation, he had plunged into the brambles and died of hunger.

Anyway, the volunteers didn’t give up helping the other abandoned horses. One member of the French Organization Society for Protection of Animals, called Aurelie, said that they had brought 20 bottles of water but it was not enough. The group also spoke to a farmer living nearby and asked him to bring more water and hay for the abandoned animals. Only that way they could save the animals that were starving to death.

The organization took the 3 horses to hospital where they were examined thoroughly. Margot, the mare had the most difficult state. She was very weak and her hoofs were unable to do anything. She couldn’t stand upright and walk in a straight line. So, the volunteers hold her upright for 10km till they reached the shelter. Margot was suffering from cachexia and all her weakness and weight loss was because of that. But the state of other 2 horses, called Obelix and Falbala was not so tragic, so they were taken care of and could get their strength back.

Margot was brought to Chem, a center where sick horses in France. Her recovery was not so easy and took much effort to manage it. After a week she again couldn’t hold herself upright as the weakness hasn’t yet passed. The volunteers decided to put her in a hammock, so that it would support her to hold herself.

Day and night the devoted volunteers controlled the situation and stayed close to the horse. They didn’t leave Margot even for a minute and made a bed on the hay to watch her every time. Even the shelter dog of the volunteer stayed with her supporting the horse to get out of that tragic situation. Thanks to God, Margot began to recover day by day. The intensive care brought positive results as she picked up about 18kg. It was a real wonder for the whole team.

Video by: Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis

Hopefully, Margot will soon reach her normal weight. What concerns to their owners, it should be said that they are facing 2 years in prison and a fine of $33,000 for such a cruelty towards the animals.





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