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A White-Faced Fawn Was Rejected By His Mother Because He Looks Different


A White-Faced Fawn Was Rejected By His Mother Because He Looks Different

Dragon-white faced fawn

Image source : Deer Tracks Junction

Dragon is a deer fawn that was born with a white face, bright pink nose and blue eyes. Despite the cute and unique appearance, these coloring would make Dragon an easy prey for any predator in the wild. That is why Dragon was rejected by his mother.

The male fawn, later named Dragon, was born at Deer Tracks Junction farm, owned by Hillary Powell.  The name Dragon was chosen by the Hillary Powell’s son who wanted him to have a masculine name since he will eventually grow pink antlers since Dragon doesn’t have pigment where his antlers grow.

Deer Tracks Junction is a working farm that provides educational experiences for children and families. Hillary Powell, Deer Tracks Junction’s owner, said that the coat of the white-faced deer is unique and could cause him problems if he was born in the wild. The white-face and light-colored would make it difficult for Dragon to hide from predators.


Dragon was born with a genetic defect known as Piebald. It affects less than 1% of the deer population but the more pronounced white and brown patterns make them more difficult to hide themselves from predators.

Hillary Powell said that they normally have a black nose. It’s actually a detriment in the wild because their nose is very sensitive to the sun and if they don’t have shade, they can get sun burn.

His mother may have recognized Dragon’s inability to hide on an instinctual level, that is why she decided to leave the offspring thinking it would not survive in the wild. The mother stayed with Dragon for just a few hours after giving birth.

The cute baby deer appears to be handling becoming an orphan really well. The Deer Tracks Junction staffer has said that Dragon is playing around the facility and lives just like all the other deer living on the grounds. People can visit him during the Wildlife Safari tours.


And finally, Dragon has a new home with his new family, who bottle-fed him on a regular basis and ensured that he receives all the care he deserves. Good luck!

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