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A Horrifying Video Showing A Python Devouring A Helpless Puppy Alive


A Horrifying Video Showing A Python Devouring A Helpless Puppy Alive


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Apparently, this sick man is willing to sacrifice other people’s pets to feed his own pet python. If you are an animal lover, I would caution you before you proceed. I didn’t even watch the video. I just posted this to spread news in order to somehow help to find this psychopath. Anyone who owns a pet, please do the same! We must do something!

The video is just very disturbing even to a normal person, and I am also highly disturbed by the fact that this person even took a video and uploaded it publicly. The footage was uploaded to Weibo, a Chinese social media site.


In the background of this video a man can be heard saying “the python surely won’t eat it”. Afterwards, a girl is heard crying in horror.

Many people have expressed disgust and called such show cruel and inhuman. According to the organization, this person has been going around to adopt dogs, only to feed them to his pet snake.

“This man is going around adopting puppies to feed a snake! Please share this to teach this idiot a lesson!” Every dog up for adoption should be someone’s pet, and you should be allowed to adopt it because they wish that this pet would have a happy life, so how could he do this?

Of course, some pet owners would insist that the snake is just as much a pet and animal as the puppy. They defended them saying that it was just the food chain in action. One person said, “Some people think that his is cruel. However, have you eaten meat? If you eat it, it’s not cruel but when a python eats it, it is. After all, this is just the law of the food chain in action.”


“I think that the man could have given other food to the snake,” one user said.

The other user said, “A golden python coasts a couple of million Yuan. This person must be a tasteless tycoon. Ordinary people couldn’t be able to afford the pet, this person is indeed sick.”

I definitely agree with the last one, “The couple in this video should be given a death sentence. Do they still have humanity?”



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