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8 Things You Should Know Before Bringing A New Cat Home


8 Things You Should Know Before Bringing A New Cat Home

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Whether you’re bringing home your first, second or fifth cat, it is really important to prepare ahead of time. Before you make a decision to add a new cat to your household, you have to be sure about your decision.


When you are ready to add a new feline family member, the following tips will help to ensure an easy transition and integration with other family members and your pets.

1. Cats Need Attention

There’s a notion that cats, in difference to dogs, don’t need a lot of attention. And that may be true for some cats, but they still need someone to love and cuddle or play with just like any creature. This will be really important for the first few weeks after your cat arrives, because they are, like you, adjusting to a whole new life.

2.Your Kitty Needs a Place to Hide


New cats are often nervous and usually hide. Sheets draped over chairs or cardboard boxes make ideal hiding spots when you first bring a cat home. If you’ve got a shy cat, we recommend removing large items of furniture from the room where your cat is, like beds and dressers.

3. Give your new cat a new post

Put a new scratching post (at least 1 m tall) inside the safe room. Scratching is a natural and comforting behavior for them. It’s also important to get the new scratching post that hasn’t been used by other cats.

 4. You’ll Need To Take Your Cat To The Vet

Even if your new cat seems to be in good health, you’ll want to see a vet within a week of arrival. This is mostly just a wellness checking to make sure your cat is doing OK. Make an appointment with a vet before you bring your kitty home to ensure you’ll be seen within 1 week.

5. Kitties Like Routine

Like humans, cats can be animals of habit and a great way to help your pet adjust to being in their new home is to maintain as much routine and familiarity as possible. Ask the person you’re getting them from what brand of food they were feeding your cat and when their feeding time was, so you can offer the same.

6. Your Cat Will Need Time and Space to Adjust

If you’ve ever got a fish, you know that you’re supposed to leave it in the bag submerged in its new water before putting it into the aquarium, and cats kind of need the same thing. Most of people keep cats in cages or single rooms until you take them, so introducing them to a whole big house could freak them out. When you bring them home, pick one room for them to chill in for several days with toys, litter box, food, water and bed.

7. House Rules

Provide your cat with some “basic training” to help it get along in your home. It’s true that cats, like any other animals, usually have their own ideas about how to behave. Even so, most cats can be taught to obey simple rules like not scratching the couch.

8. Avoid Poisonous Plants

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Cats like to chew on grass and plants, but some of them are irritating, dangerous and can even cause death for your cats. Even non-toxic plants can cause diarrhea or vomiting. Keep dangerous plants out of their reach or, better yet, don’t have them in the house. If your cat likes green stuff, buy or grow your own cat grass.


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