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7 Things Only Pig Owners Know


7 Things Only Pig Owners Know

PigPhoto by MilkTeaChou

Owning a pet pig is the trend these days, even George Clooney has one and known to drool over his pet baby. Pigs are amazing pets that crave attention and love being engaged in activities, they are also smart they can also be hedonistic and gluttonous. Today we would talk about things about pigs mostly only pig owners know. Now sit tight and let’s get to it!


1. Pigs don’t like being smacked

Most pig owners have reported how their pigs would sulk for days, sometimes weak because they had smacked on the shoulders or on the butt, they seem not to like it.

2. Pigs are fast learners

Yes, they are, like we had pointed out earlier, pigs are intelligent animals, this makes their training often effortless. They can easily pick up tricks once persistence is engaged in training them such tricks. They understand the reward system, and we all know how ravenous they can be, so having them pick up tricks for a reward makes learning for them easy. Amongst mammals, other than us humans, a pig’s brain has been ranked fourth most intelligent – Monkey, Dolphins, and Whale have been said to be the first three, then the Pig’s brain.

3.Pigs are curious

The pig’s curiosity is amazing, they can spend eons digging up the earth or pushing aside carpets in your home in search of food droppings. Pigs are technically blind and can’t see so well, as such, their nose one of the most powerful in the animal kingdom is their navigation tool – pigs can pick up smells buried about 20 feet below ground, also with an impressive memory which they put to good use their probing nature also aids in their training.

4. Pigs are ‘somewhat’ clean animals

Pigs are easy animals to maintain, and they are naturally pristine and almost odorless. Their hair is also hypoallergenic and never sheds making them the perfect pet forpeople suffering from pet allergies. They’d never play with their feces and wouldn’t bring home dead games like dogs or cats would. They also only need to visit the vet perhaps once or twice in a year for routine vaccinations and the trimming of their hoof.


5.Pigs are intentionally manipulative

Due to a pig’s high level of intelligence they can be goal setting and manipulative. If you have a weak spot, a pig would most especially remember it and use to its advantage occasionally. They are known to instinctively perform for food and would learn to get the fridge door open.

6.Pigs are big eaters

A pig would eat an average of about 2kg pig feed a day, and that’s alongside supplements and household food scraps, and would eat anything edible. When a pig eats salt, it would lead to instantaneous death. They love milk, and can be said to be their favorite food, both skimmed and sour curdled.

Video credit: CrazyFunnyStuffCFS

7. Pigs can be destructive

Bored and lonely pigs are often the most destructive; you can have overturned trash cans, and various opened doors, turned up carpets and flooring. They might even turn over flower pots just to snuffle through the dirt. The best way to contain their destructive tendencies is by giving them enough attention socially.  


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