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7 Reasons You Should Date A Dog Lover!


7 Reasons You Should Date A Dog Lover!

a doG and a mAnPhoto by 27147

Although owning a dog is not a license to being in a relationship, it is a pointer that can tell you a few things about the person you’re looking to consider as a partner. Because dog lovers have learned how to love their pets, it increases their ability to love more and give more in a relationship.


This is a fact because some dogs can tell a bad person from a good one without spending too much time with them. Call it a dog’s sixth sense. I firmly believe that if a dog is in sync with its owner such a person is a good person and a good potential partner. Contrary to this stance, if a dog hates a person you’re willing to consider in a relationship you should take the warning shots seriously and not overlook it. There are very good reasons for you to date a dog lover. They include:

1. You Can Be Sure He Or She Has a Calm Personality

Having a dog around the house can be work. There’s need to feed the pet, give it a shower and care for them when they are ill. It takes some level of commitment to continue with this kind of activities along with the hectic demands of daily living. If you’re dating a dog lover and he cares much to provide this for his pet, you can be sure he’ll go the extra mile to take very good care of you.

2. Dog owners are physically fit


While there can be very lazy dogs out there that hate physical actitivities, In most cases, dogs are very active. If you’re in a relationship with a dog lover the same can be assumed about your partner because your partner would also be involved in some level of physical activities like running, walking,cycling and even hiking.

3. They Are Affectionate And Loving

Dogs like to cuddle and hug. They like to spin, play and snuggle. It’s not a one-way affair because dog owners have to reciprocate these feelings towards their dogs. As more snuggling go on consistently, they tend to become more affectionate and loving. A cold heart doesn’t cuddle and snuggle; this is a sound pointer you’re dating a potentially good lover.

4. Dog Owners Are Patient Dealing with a dog can sometimes be challenging. It is only the patient that can endure having a dog. If you’re in a relationship with a dog owner you can ascribe patience to them because taking care of the pet would warrant an occassional visit to the vets, training clubs, and the likes and sincerely only a patient individual can go through this and keep doing it.

5. Dog Owners Are In It For The Long-run The lifespan of a dog is long – occasionally they could live with their owners for over 12 years. If an individual can put up with a dog for over a long period, you can expect the same commitment from such a person for the long-run. It doesn’t require sophistication to appreciate this fact.

6. Folks That Have Dogs Are Very Exciting! Yes, dog owners are good cuddlers, physically fit and are very patient people, but there’s more – Dog owners are exciting people. Because dogs love to play and jump around, you can assume the same about your dog-lover. Chances are if he or she has a dog they will very exciting as well.

7. Dog Owners Are Sociable Dogs tend to be very sociable, and the same traits are observed in their owners. A psychologist and grad student at the University of Ontario carried out a survey; over 500 were quizzed to determine their personalities from how they react to their pets. Dog and cat lovers were quizzed. The survey hinted that about 25% of dog owners were more outgoing and sociable than cat lovers. This is not a coincidence; dog lovers love to interact and express themselves freely so you can count on them to have very great personalities. DSC 6798Photo by winston hudson

Everyone with a dog makes a great person to date. It’s a fact that can’t be argued against.


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