7 Examples Of Animal Partnerships – Symbiotic Relationships

Flagtail shrimpgoby with Randall's Pistol Shrimp (SDV_1461)

About Goby – Shrimp symbiosis:
The shrimp makes and maintains a hole in the sand in which both of them live. The almost blind shrimp is warned for predators by the Goby: when he retracts in the hole to hide the shrimp feels it and hides too. The watchman goby will alarm the shrimp by touching it with his tail, the shrimp uses his antennae to stay in contact.

The shrimp and the gobie find each other by following chemical cues.

Amblyeleotris steinitzi, Steinitz’ Prawn Goby (but fins have more lines than dots) or maybe Flabelligobius latruncularia, Fan Shrimp Goby ? (dorsal fin doesn’t match) ?


No, we go for the Flagtail Shrimpgoby, Amblyeleotris yanoi.

Alpheus randalli, Randall’s Pistol Shrimp or Candy stripe shrimp

Thanks to Wetpixel members Marli Wakening for the help with the ID for the Shrimp and Matt Segal for the Goby.