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American Crow

This was a very SHORT-term visitor to our Backyard.

I was working in my computer room, second floor, which has a view of the back yard. I heard a righteous uproar…the sound of several Blue Jays screeching for all they were worth. Looking out, I saw this big black bird sitting on the peak of my shop roof…with three different Blue Jays dive-bombing it. It was unimpressed.

I’m going to guess this is a crow. It dwarfed the jays…but they were determined to drive it off. The crow stayed in place long enough for me to grab the camera, scurry downstairs and shoot a few pix through the back door. It then lifted off and flew to the top of a towering tree in a neighbor’s yard…

…where the Blue Jays continued to harass it until it finally left the area.

UPDATE: After a lot of photo comparisons, this has been judged to be an American Crow. It is very similar to a Northwestern Crow in appearance…but those crows are NW US Coastal birds, living on shellfish etc. Since the don’t migrate, finding one in Iowa would be like finding a swordfish in the Mississippi.