7 Animal Friendships: Best Animal Friends

7 Animal Friendships: Best Animal Friends

If we see two people don’t agree and argue a lot, we often tend to say to say that they ‘fight like cat and dog’. There is some true in that phrase, however we often see that some cats and dogs display  friendship. to act as friends. But we know that iguanas and hippos cannot do the same, or do we? Here are some true friendships that you won’t believe exist.

1. Elephant And Dog, Bubbles And Bella

Image credit: bouju1/ Youtube

Bubbles was adopted by the safari in 1983. In 2007, abandoned puppy Bella joined her in their enclosure. Bubbles, a 9,000-pound elephant, and Bella, the Labrador retriever, are the very best of friends. Bella climbed on an elephant when he was in the water and jumped on it’s back , thinking that the elephant was a platform. The elephant walked around in the water letting the dog climb over her shoulders and head. The relationship between them and their friendship is not to be understated. It has only been growing stronger and they may bear as an example to all of us. Even, eight years later, they still hang out. Sometimes, they go for walks together and other times they go for a swim, but at all times , their friendship is completely enthralling to us.

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