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6 Reasons Why Pets Are Amazing!


6 Reasons Why Pets Are Amazing!


Who can deny that Pets make our lives better and happier. Here is why Pets are amazing companions and important in our lives.


1. People Living With Pet Animals Are Less Lonely And Thus Happier

It is true that pets do provide people with happiness and companionship, even if they do not have other people around them. Pets are capable to provide a sense of purpose, which is equally capable to increase self-esteem. Pets require minimum needs that only people can meet them, which can provide to the people enough structure and meaning in their life. Several activities that pets require such as walking a dog can push people go outside and interact with other people, which can be great for enhancing their mood.

2. Pets Help Blood Pressure Control

Most people having a pet tend to cuddle them and relax watching TV or do other activity. This is very helpful for the body, as it releases a relaxation hormone which reduces stress and can lower blood pressure. Thus, pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure and thus be less likely to suffer from heart diseases. Pets have also been beneficial for children with hypertension as they tend to lower their blood pressure.


3. Pet Owner Have Low-Cholesterol Level

Owning a pet is likely to make people to take care of themselves with diet and exercise. Although they require sometimes medication, pet owners because of taking care of themselves have lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

4. Heart Health Is Associated With Owning Pets

Several researches of the American Heart Association have linked healthy heart condition and longevity with living with pets, especially dogs. These findings actually showed that when they come to the conclusion that ownership of pet reduces heart attack because of the decrease of blood pressure and cholesterol. Increasing levels of exercise because of owning pets, either dogs or cats is also a factor for this conclusion. People who never owned pets were forty percent more likely to pass away because of heart attack because of lack of exercise opposed to those who did their exercise because of their pets.

5. Animals Help With Countering Allergies And Asthma

Some studies concluded that animals can help people to develop immunity to several allergies and asthma. These studies further showed that when babies are raised in families which have pets at home have less allergies or likely to have asthma. They have also because of this immunity to catch fewer colds and ear infections during when they are one-year old.

6. Pets Help People To Defend Against Depression

priced-animals In our modern world, where more and more people suffer depression, doctors instead of prescribing medicine, they often suggest getting a pet. This is because pets can help people to deal with depression or even help them to be cured from it.There is no person who would love you more than your own pet and they do everything they can to show it to you. Even if people are not in the mood, pets are there to make them happy and reduce anxiety.



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