5 Things You Should Know About The Black Swan

5 Things You Should Know About The Black Swan

The black swan, the famous large water bird, is one of the most beautiful species of all animals, and has been both a symbol for many regions and an inspiration for several artists, including Tchaikovsky who made the famous Swan Lake. Here are a few things that you should need to know about this animal.


  • Where They Live?

The black swans mainly live in the south regions of Australia. The species was in New Zealand, but hunting led it to go extinct. Nevertheless, it was later reintroduced. Black swans have also been provided to various countries in the 19th century. However, several have escaped and created stable populations elsewhere as well. There is a small number of Black swans on River Thames, London and near River Itchen, Hampshire.

  • Black Swan’s Description

Most of the Black swans have black feathers and white flight feathers as well. They have a very bright red bill, which has a pale bar and tip. Their legs and feet have grey and black colour. The males are a bit larger in size than the female ones and they have a straighter and longer bill than them. The immature birds of black swans have grey and brown colour and feathers which are pale edged. The mature black swans have a length of approximately 110 and 142 centimetres and weigh approximately between 3.7 to 9 kilograms. Their wing span varies between 1.6 and 2 metres. The possess the longest neck of all swan species and they are curved in a way that makes the shape of an S.

  • Their Singing Capabilities

Black swans utter a musical tone which is heard more like the sound of bugle. It is reported that this sound is capable to be far-reaching in order to call other swans. They tend to do this sound when they float on the water or when they fly. In addition, they have a range of softer crooning notes. Black swans are also capable of whistling in cases where they are disturbed from their breeding or nesting.

  • Eating Habits

The black swan is herbivorous. Although there are some variations in their diet, depending on the region they live, their diet is generally consisted of water plants and marshland plants. In New South Wales, Australia, the reedmace leaves are the most important food source for these birds.

  • Cultural Significance

Black swans are widely referenced in Australian culture. They are considered of having spiritual significance and values in the traditional histories of most Native Australian Aboriginal through the whole Australian South. They are considered the official Western Australian state emblem. Furthermore, black swans are depicted on Western Australia’s flag. They are also depicted on the coat-of-arms of Western Australia as well. Their symbol is still used in several other emblems, currency, several brand logos, in various sports teams’ name and countless brand logos. In addition, several metaphoric references to them have appeared in Europe and its culture long before their actual discovery in Australia during the eighteenth century.