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5 Reasons Why Should You Get A Dalmatian


5 Reasons Why Should You Get A Dalmatian

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The Dalmatian is very popular dog breed, most famous for its white coat spotted with brown or black spots. Through history they were used as carriage dogs. Also because of its active temperament this dog was once even bred to run with horses. So because of that, the Dalmatian is most suitable for dog owners that can give it time for exercise and attention. Many dog lovers have a pet Dalmatian and for those who wish to own one, these are the main reasons why should you get this beautiful dog.


1. They Are Active Runners

It is a known that Dalmatians were bred to run and their activity levels are high. That makes them a perfect companion for people who love the outdoors and sport. This dog is very adoptable so it has been used for different purposes over the years. They are very talented dogs used like a trail hounds, sporting dogs, boar hunters and as birding dogs. And even more, because of their excellent memory and interesting coat, they became the good performers in the circus and on the stage.

2. They Are Loyal Protectors

They love his owners unconditionally and are very loyal protectors. When strangers enter their world, they step in with a good dose of suspicious jealousy. They will bark and growl at the smallest threat and for this reason, they make excellent watchdogs. The males tend to be more protective overall than females. Socialization is very important. Dalmatians must be socialized early and extensively.

3. They Are Very Clever

Dalmatians don’t like to do the same task over and over again, they are smarter than that and they know it! A good way to provide mental and physical stimulation is rotating a selection of pet toys. Destructive behavior like digging and chewing can be a protesting response. It would be good to give them durable chews or some appropriate toys to keep them busy when you are not around.

4. They Are Beautiful And Funny

Dalmatians have a wonderful sense of humor and will stop at nothing to get a laugh out of you. They are all distinct for their unique patterns. Usually these spots are black or brown but sometimes they can be lemon, blue, or brindle. Every Dalmatian is unique and they all have different patterns all over their body. If you open up its mouth, you can even find spots in their mouth. Despite being covered with spots in adulthood, puppies are born snow white, and grow their trademark spots until about four weeks.


5. They Are Very Talented Dogs

Dalmatians have many talents, but they are most known for their coaching dog skill. The Dalmatian will help to ward off stray dogs, keep the horses calm and guard the coach at stops. This behavior was later translated to the firehouse, where Dalmatians would run behind fire trucks. Horses were nervous around fire, but these dogs kept them calm. Because of their distinct features they became a great mascot, so you can still find the Dalmatians riding in many fire trucks. As a bonus, they’re also excellent ratters and keep firehouses pest-free. 



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