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5 Reasons why Cats Are Amazing

5 Reasons why Cats Are Amazing

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Cats are amazing pets to have. They make a wonderful addition to the family on many occasions, for example, many cat owners have found that cats help in teaching their kid’s positive morals, helping them to learn the importance of caring and kindness. Caring for cats inspires tenderness for its owners and this reason many kids surrounded by pets they care for learning very good morals. Apart from how cats and humans interact with each other there are very good reasons to own a cat, here are a few:


1. Kitties Are Adorable

Cats are adorable pets to keep. They understand the needs of its owners and then adapt to it. Even for pet owners, it is not always possible to be around to take care of pets, cats are sensitive, and when they notice your occasional busy schedule, they demand less attention from its owner without complaining or reacting negatively. Their independent nature helps them continue without craving for too much attention during the period.

2. Cats Are Wonderful Companion

Cats are a  good companion to have around the house. Having cats around the house is a plus. When a person struggles with depression, introducing a cat can be very relaxing for the depressed person. The interaction between humans and cats can reduce mood swings in the house because having the felines around stimulates concern and care from the family members. Reduced depression implies you’re at less risk of a stroke or a heart attack. Having cats around also reduces the risk of blood pressure. These benefits make it a necessity to keep around the home.


3 Cats Are Clean Pets

Cats are clean pets. They also don’ smell bad and may not require too much bathing since they clean themselves up. If you have very busy schedules, you will find them as very good pets to keep because you do not need to give them a bath regularly, but you can have them wrapped around you even during winter nights and not worry about a bad smell.

4. Cats Are Very Skilled Hunters

Cats are very adventurous; they are very intelligent and when they chase their target they make sure it doesn’t escape their sight until they catch their targets. Cats can keep the home rid of mice and bugs helping you maintain a cleaner home.

5. Cats Are Very Cheap To Have And Keep

Owning a cat isn’t expensive. You can save about $500 if you choose to own a cat instead of a dog.The cost for taking care of other pets like dogs can be very expensive. The bills incurred when taking care of a dog is much higher than the bill incurred when taking care of a cat. Very expensive regular check-ups, medication, feed, toy supplies, leashes are not necessary with cats and when they do it’s a very light expense unlike the maintenance costs for dogs.

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You are more informed now about the benefits of having a cat, so don’t delay any further. Get a kitty today and enjoy the benefits mentioned above and even more.



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1 Comment

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