20 Horse Fun Facts Facts That Will Make You Smile

20 Horse Fun Facts Facts That Will Make You Smile

Horses have served for decades to a lot of man’s purposes. Horses have made man achieve many things they couldn’t have done in any other way. Horses are pleased when they go just grazing through the day and feel joy from roaming around in their enclosures with their equals.

What's with the long face

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Most people are happy when they watch them do so, be it when they’re playing in the pastures or when they’re working. These beautiful animals have given humans a lot and still continue to do so. But in order to keep their welfare with great physical and mental conditions, they need to do exercise on a regular basis. Here you’ll find some amazing and entertaining facts about horses that will most certainly make you happy.

  • A horse usually rests only two or three hours a day.
  • Horses are actually unsatisfied by the smell of pigs.
  • They typically just lie down for an approximate of 30 minutes during a day.
  • Whenever they kick, they have quite a lot of precision to hit their targets!
  • Horses rest for longer periods during the summer.
  • Horses have 8 different blood types.
  • Equinophobia or hippophobia is what you’d call the psychological fear of horses.
  • The most expensive horse was a two-year-old sport that was sold for $16 million in a public auction back in 2006.
  • More horses die from ragweed than from any other toxic plant.
  • Thumbelina, a miniature brown horse who measured 44.5 cm (17.5 in) to the shoulders, holds the record for the smallest living horse.
  • Horses have the biggest eyes of all the land-dwelling mammals.
  • You can tell a horse’s current mood by its tail. The longest tail ever found on a horse was a 381 cm (12 ft. 6 in) one and it belonged to an equine named Summer Breeze in 2007.
  • Equines are not color blind, even if most people think that way. Horses, unlike us, can only see colors that derive from the blue and the green, but not the red.
  • Horses can’t breathe through their mouths, eruct or puke. Their digestion goes just one way, unlike cows.
  • ‘Horsepower’ is a term that was introduced by James Scott while he was defining the power of engines.
  • Horses can identify sensations in the voices of people.
  • Equines can show their moods with their facial expressions. You can tell how they’re feeling by their ears, nostrils, and eyes, so be careful of a horse that has wide nostrils and his ears back. That could mean it would attack!
  • Horse’s teeth never stop growing, thus they’re the best way to tell how old is a horse.
  • The record for the oldest horse to date belongs to Old Billy, an English horse that lived until he was 62 years old.
  • To tell coldness in a horse, touch behind his ears. When it’s cold there, so is the horse.


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