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Frogs As Pets-What You Need to Know About Pet Frogs


Frogs As Pets-What You Need to Know About Pet Frogs

FrogPhoto by JnK-

Frogs are animals that don’t have a tail, and with a squat like body posture, with stretched and brawny hind legs adapted for hopping. They have a moist skin and large bloated eyes which can rotate in their socket, so they see in almost any direction.

Frogs undergo a 2 stage life cycle; adult frogs could lay over a thousand eggs coated in salve like liquid into mostly stagnated water body or a stream which then hatch into fishlike young which are known as tadpoles, these tadpoles eventually undergo a series of changes which is termed; metamorphosis – a change in body form, to become adults.


Some frogs are able to leap 20 times their body length! Their front legs are short and designed for landing. Frogs that live in water have webbed feet, usually with five toes while tree frogs have suction cups on their toes that allow them to cling to the bark of trees.

Although frogs have a good sense of hearing, they don’t have typical external ears but a membrane behind each eye. They have skin that is specially designed skin which cloaks them from predators and hide them from danger, their camouflaged skin colorings help them blend in with their surroundings. Also, some frogs have serous glands in their skin, which stores poison, when swallowed by a predator, they secret the poison in the predators mouth. Frogs are known as indicator species and can give scientists valuable insight into how an ecosystem is functioning.

Up to 200 frog species have completely disappeared which could postulate that they are faced with extinction. Human activities are also a contributory factor to their extinction.

Frogs as Pets


Frogs make truly amazing pets but keeping them happy, requires the right diet and environment. Most frogs dislike being overly handled. Feeding your frog and cleaning its terrarium are not so easy jobs, but if you choose a frog carefully, your pet can live a happy life.

Here are some of the things needed in building your pets’ house; glass terrarium with canopy and artificial lighting, substrate materials, water dish, plants, rocks, water filter, thermometer, hygrometer, submersible aquarium heater, water pump and housing for its food. There has to be enough room for your frog to hop around in and some items that it can climb.

The most popular species people keep as pets are:

  1. African Dwarf Frogs: these are small, dynamic and very cute species of frogs. These animals don’t eat live insects and although they can take a couple of weeks to acclimatize to a new tank they are very easy to care for.

FrogPhoto by DrPhotoMoto

  1. Oriental Fire bellied Toad: these species can make an ideal starter frog for a terrestrial frog enthusiast. They can eat only crickets, but vitamin supplements are necessary.
  2. White’s Tree Frog: these species are a regular first choice for many frog keepers, because it is a little frog and tolerates being handled. If you want a real pet friend this is the frog for you.





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