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15 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Sphynx


15 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Sphynx

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Sphynx cats,as other cats are, is scientifically known as Felis catus. They are thought to have originated from exotic lands in the Eastern hemisphere namely Egypt. That is completely wrong because they come from North America, specifically Canada, in all actuality. There are plenty of things you might think you know, or might not know about these not so furry felines, and it is important to have a wide knowledge of them if you are looking to own one.


  • Their skin is extremely sensitive due to the very fine layer of down-like fur on their bodies.
  • They eat a lot because they have a faster than average metabolism when compared to other cats.
  • Sadly, they are not hypoallergenic. They produce the chemical Fel d1-the chemical that causes allergic reactions to cats-in their saliva just like most other cats do.
  • Sphynx cats need a weekly or monthly bath. As previously mentioned, their skin is quite sensitive and their fur is very thin, so they need to have any potentially harmful particles washed out frequently.
  • They can only live between 8 and 14 years and have a low level of health, so it would not be smart to get one if you are looking for a lifetime companion.
  • They are extremely friendly towards children, pets, and other family members.
  • Sphynx cats are not bad with shedding, but hard to groom.
  • Because of their small amount of fur, they love to cuddle.
  • Sphynxes are good for therapy, homes with many people, or homes with various people coming and going frequently due to their social nature.
  • Due to their large ears (two or three inches in length), you must clean your Sphynx’s ears multiple times a week to insure that they will not develop ear infections or any other ear-related complications.
  • Hairless cats (another name for the Sphynx cat) cost around $1000 to $1200 USD.
  • These cats are known to be quite “talkative” or like to meow and make other noises quite frequently.
  • These little “nudists” of the cat world are a surprising four degrees warmer compared to other cats. Of course, this is based on averages and what not, but this could be because they are always curled up with someone, in a blanket, or with a stuffed animal, etc.
  • They just might steal your heart.

As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into owning and taking care of a Sphynx cat, but there are plenty positive aspects to having one of these loving, no so fluffy kitties in your life. If you want a loving, snuggly companion and don’t mind having a bit of maintenance to take care of, then a Sphynx is probably the perfect cat breed for you, your family, or anyone else who might need a little love.

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You don’t have to be afraid of their strange looks because sometimes the weirdest people (or in this case cats) are the kindest, most loving, and best overall! Do you own a sphynx? What is your experience with them? Share you thoughts with us!


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