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15 Things Every Schnauzer Parent Will Understand


15 Things Every Schnauzer Parent Will Understand

Miniature Schnauzer - Quincy 2Photo by Theodore Scott

Schnauzers are lovable family members worldwide. They have strong personalities and feel more like little people, than dogs. They have it all in one package: great personality, intelligence, affection, an extroverted temperament and humor. Throw in that cute mustache and quivering enthusiasm, and they’ll make you laugh every day. Below you can read more funny and interesting things that only schnauzer parents will understand!  Just when you think your schnauzers have grown out of their puppy stage, this happens:


  • With a Schnauzer in the house, you’ll never be alone, not even in your bathroom.
  • He’s protective of the people he loves and is often suspicious of strangers, until you let him know they’re welcome. He’s great watchdog, sometimes to your frustration, and will alert you to burglars, visitors and blowing branches.
  • You can never eat dinner without a pair of watching eyes on the side.
  • They’re full of energy and just want to have fun. And being with you is fun, no matter what you do.
  • A bored Schnauzer is an unhappy Schnauzer. Because he’s smart and energetic he thrives on different activities and exercise. Make sure that you give your schnauzer both, or he’ll become ill-tempered or destructive.
  • They’re super intelligent, easy to train and quick to learn.
  • If you let him to do what he wants just once, he’ll remember it forever and you’ll find the behavior escalating. And that is one of the downsides when living with a dog that may possibly be smarter than you are.
  • They are incredibly loyal to their family and require a great deal of attention.
  • They are definitely not afraid to make sure their barking is heard! They protect their home and family, so they’ll bark even at slight noises.
  • They are never shy and like being the center of attention! They are a “people person” all the way: extroverted with moderately high energy.
  • Their wonderfully weird sleeping positions never cease to amaze you.
  • They can be really stubborn, as well. Like dug-into-the-sand stubborn. They favorite way of rebelling is to pretend that they don’t hear you when you try to make him do something.
  • Your bed is no longer just your bed.
  • He needs daily exercise. After all, he’s a terrier! He needs to move. A Schnauzer also enjoys larger quarters and is great with suburban or farm. He adapts well to any climate, but he can gain weight quickly if he’s not exercised or fed properly.
  • Have we noted that they are cute trouble makers? And “It wasn’t me” happens a lot?

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